Tuesday, 09 December 2008

Only a few weeks after our initial release, my team has just released the December edition of the Silverlight Controls Toolkit. Go get it here!

It is a very exciting release because it underlines the teams dedication to releasing fast and often. As you know, the toolkit is licensed under the very permissive Microsoft Public License, which means you can do virtually anything you like to the code. I think with our release schedule, you guys can rest assured that we continue to deliver high quality and very useful controls. In this release we also fixed quite a few bugs, some of which were reported by our users!

One of the most visible controls in the toolkit (autocompletebox) has moved to the stable quality band, as did NumericUpDown. That means the api of those controls is less likely to change, and we are increasingly confident that the controls will address over 90% of customer scenarios.
Ofcourse, many new features were also introduced. Charting has continued to get (much) better, with changes to the way series get instantiated (making it easier on you) and support for multiple axis.
Please check out our improved sample application to see the controls in action.

There is now much better designer integration and 3 new themes were introduced. I love Whistler Blue:

Whistler Blue Thumbnail

I hope you enjoy this release. Please continue your feedback on our forum.

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