Sunday, 30 December 2007

I have been on the same project for a long time, and it has given me many opportunities that I am very thankful for:

  • Big time WPF experience. The project was one of the first big WPF projects, starting out when WPF was called Avalon. I have gained a deep insight in the technology and I am very happy to say that I really love it. Yes, it has it's flaws and sometimes feels 'beta-like' still, but it has great potential and is fun to work with.
  • WF experience. I was able to do some great stuff with WF and I view WF as a major step forward for business proces modelling. However, it does have it's downfalls , and I am looking forward to the next version to correct those. Having said that, for specific scenario's, WF is really the way to go, even at this moment.
  • Architecture: I was able to shape the project using these great technologies and I was given a great team of people to implement it with.

However, it's time for a new challenge now! I'm taking some serious time off to relax and look into new technologies. I'm very interested in the Entity Framework. I haven't blogged about these things for a long time, because I was totally into WPF, but I feel a strong desire to start poking at the framework. I also hope to spend some time looking into F# and all the dynamic language stuff that's been hitting us lately (the DLR). Obviously, I'll take a look at Silverlight, potentially the best thing ever to come out of Redmond. I hope it lives up to expectations!

After my little sabbatical, I will be interested in helping out with new projects. Especially if they are working with .net 3.5. Let me know if you have any projects coming up by emailing me.

First up though, u can expect some newbie posts about the Entity Framework!

Best wishes for the new year.

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