Friday, 18 August 2006

This blog certainly is not intended to be a reposting platform for yours truly, but I can't not mention a new tool (source code included) that allows you to inspect the visual tree of any Avalon application and even let's you see events and databinding!

It should prove to be an incredible help while debugging/learning/profiling your WPF applications. Get snoop here, and never look back again ;-)

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 Tuesday, 08 August 2006

An article has just been published on code project by Josh Smith that should not escape your attention: Piping value converters in WPF.

Basically, he has written a simple class that will allow you to define a group of converters and use it during databinding like so:
    <local:ValueConverterGroup x:Key="statusForegroundGroup">
      <local:IntegerStringToProcessingStateConverter  />
      <local:ProcessingStateToColorConverter />
      <local:ColorToSolidColorBrushConverter />

and then use it like so:

          Text="{Binding XPath=@Status,
                 Converter={StaticResource statusDisplayNameGroup}}"

          Foreground="{Binding XPath=@Status,
                       Converter={StaticResource statusForegroundGroup}}"

This should prove very valuable indeed!

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