Wednesday, 05 March 2008

the Oredev-conference posted video's of it's sessions online here.

I've just browsed the sessions that were held at this big conference, and it looks interesting. Many famous names, like Erik Meijer, Joe Duffy, Jimmy Nilsson (I read his book), Mats Helander and many others.

The conference has specific tracks: Java, .Net, Methods & Tools, Test, Project Management, Embedded System, Architecture and User Experience.

So sit back, relax, have a beer and hear great people explain important topics to you.

Just a quick tip: you can only watch the video's inside a browser. If you try to download, you will get a very small file. Open that with notepad and look for the rts: address at the very end. Copy paste the url into a good media player like VLC which knows how to deal with streams, and you will be able to watch more comfortably. I did this, because I could not scale the webversion and I had no way of scrubbing through the video.

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