Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Scott Guthry announces the .Net 3.5 client product Roadmap here.

Highlights are improved bootstrapping of 3.5 for your client applications and improved cold startup times.

But the real news for the WPF addicts: the dropshadow and blur bitmap effects will now be hardware accelerated!! That is a big thing. These effects are completely useless at the moment, but if they are hardware accelerated, you will be able to do some great stuff. He also hints at a new effects API and data virtualization support.

On top of that, he announces that there is a real DataGrid control coming, and my personal favorite: a Calendar/Datepicker control.

I can easily live without a datagrid, these are so easy to create with the listview, that I don't see a reason to actually build a new control. However, the lack of an official datepicker is in-excusable for enterprise applications. I'm happy to see they are working on it!

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