Saturday, 09 February 2008

If you are working with clients that do not see the use of automated testing (be it in unit tests of code blocks, or specific UI testing), you are in for a hard time. Maybe you should walk away, but let's face it: you will probably give in and try to do your best.
I have even had heated discussions with developers that do not see the use of it, certainly when there are monkey-testers to do it.

Testing the userinterface is incredibly hard to do. When you're testers are brave, they might use a testtool (robot) that will simulate clicks and read out information. However, these scripts have to be updated when the software changes and that is costly.

WPF has great support for UI Automation, which allows other programs to interact with your application's UI from the outside. It does this by naming the elements of your UI and offers 'strategies' to interact with them (Press this button).
It's not an easy framework, but workable.

Project White seems to be an abstract layer on top of the UI Automation stack, released to the public domain by ThoughtWorks today. It's aimed at simplifying your scripts and presenting a uniform API for both Winform and WPF technologies.

I'm looking forward to discovering it's api. This looks nice:


Application application = Application.Launch("foo.exe");
   Window window = application.GetWindow("bar", InitializeOption.NoCache);
Button button = window.Get<Button>("save");

Do you use UI automation to test your application?

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